T.F.A.H.M. 29

T.F.A.H.M. 29

Sad news today that one of my favorite singers has passed away at 81, Glen Campbell.  When I was a kid in the craziest decade ever, the 1960’s, you could turn on any radio station and hear a Glen Campbell song.  He had a weekly TV show that was a must watch.  He stared with John Wayne in True Grit.  In the early 60’s he was a member of the Beach Boys and the legendary Wrecking Crew, a band of studio musicians that basically created ALL the music you heard.  He ad-libbed the guitar solo on Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night” because he didn’t read music.  The songs he produced with Jimmy Webb will forever be the soundtrack of my young life.  There’s a ton of his material on YouTube and you will enjoy them all.  So long Rhinestone Cowboy


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