Stompin’ Along – Pickin’ on the HeadHunters

Stompin’ Along – Pickin’ on the HeadHunters

Last week, I put a video on our facebook page about the Famous “Pink Tapes” that exposed the sound of the Kentucky HeadHunters. Let me pass along some background on them. In 1968, brothers Richard and Fred Young, and cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney created the band Itchy Brother. In 1982, the band broke up, with Martin taking a job with Ronnie McDowell’s band, and drummer Fred began traveling with popular country artist Sylvia. Richard Young became a staff writer for Acuff-Rose Music. They gave it a go again as a band in 1986, when brothers Ricky Lee and Doug Phelps joined. Ricky played harmonica, but felt he needed to do something else. In concerts and shows, you could see him on a unicycle, or juggling. Their first album, Pickin’ on Nashville earned them a Grammy award in 1990. You can see them at the Elk County Fair August 10th!


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