Meet Our Team!

  • Blair Garner
    Blair Garner

    Discovered by a local radio executive in his hometown of Canyon, Texas, Blair Garner has been on the radio waves since age 17. Working on local radio stations all through college, Garner quickly climbed the ranks as his voice caught the ear of program directors from many major markets. He quickly found himself working for legendary stations in Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Los Angeles.

    After waking up America as part of America’s Morning Show for three years, Blair is back to his niche – late-night radio with the Blair Garner Show.

  • Harry Mann
    Harry Mann

    Crossed the Great Plains and found my way to Pennsylvania at the turn of the century, I heard the tree knocks that said Dubois is the heart of Big Foot Country.  So here I am playing great country music for your late afternoons and drive home after a hard day!

    Started in radio in 1984 and have done everything that there is to do in the business except sell.  Instead I married a radio sales person and  we actually do live in the forest.  My folks all hail from Washington state where all squatch come from and hang out with D.B. Cooper on the weekends.  Join me Monday-Fridays starting at 3 and I’ll take you all the way up to Taste Of Country Nights.  Let’s get Squatchy!

  • Jay Paul Yeti
    Jay Paul Yeti

    Hey everybody! I guess that you could say that I have roamed around the Pennsylvania Wilds for quite some time, and happy to have landed in Bigfoot County! There have been been sightings, but none too pretty! Happily married to the Mrs. for 21 years with three mini-yetis! She puts up with all my shenanigans, including the extra hair around the bathtub (that’s how you tell she’s a keeper)!

    Join me weekdays from 10 to 3! We’ll have some fun, play great music, and maybe even learn a thing or two!

  • Julie Squatch
    Julie Squatch

    I was born and grew up in DuBois, PA in the heart of Bigfoot Country- the youngest of five kids and yes, I am happy to be the baby of the family. I went to Penn State, got a degree and moved back to my hometown to become a news assistant in radio. From there I got married to my yeti Rod and had 4 squatches of our own – they all are now taller than me but Mama Squatch still rules the roost!
    Happy to say 25+ years later I’m still in radio enjoying every minute of it- and glad to be with my bro Squatch, Scott, in the mornings -BTW he is 10 years to the day OLDER than me (I love to let other people know that any chance I get). Join us weekdays from 6-10 a.m. for fun, great music, great giveaways and surprises too!!

  • Scott Squatch
    Scott Squatch

    Born and raised in DuBois, I grew up with a radio in my ear before I could walk. As a Young Yeti, I would listen to the radio constantly. I fell in love with it, and set off on a trek into the deep, dark, radio forest, and after much wandering, found my way to this bright spot on Bigfoot Country.

    I started in radio in 1989, and, with only a brief hiatus seeking the bright lights and Honky Tonks of Nashville, have been doing it ever since. I have been known to leave the Forest in search of Country Concerts and the occasional Craft Beer…I’m happy to be joining my Sister Squatch Julie, as we bring you the Bigfeet Family Show each weekday morning!

  • Taste Of Country Nights with Sam Alex
    Taste Of Country Nights with Sam Alex

    Sam Alex has always been a big fan of country music — he’s worked for country stations across the nation and never misses his favorite acts when they come to town. He’s been on red carpets for many different awards shows and interviewed some of your favorite celebrities, like Will Ferrell and Taylor Swift. Originally from the Chicago area, Sam now lives in Nashville, where he hosts the Taste of Country Nights radio show. If you ever see him on lower Broadway, get him a pina colada and some BBQ chicken pizza … they’re his favorites!

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